osx 10.11 problems

After installing OSX El Capitan ( OSX 10.11 ), I ran into several problems:

  • I was unable to modity system files
  • Problem with Java based apps
  • Problem with kernel extensions
  • Menumeters no longer works

Here are some workarounds.

Unable to modity system files

The problem that I could not make some of my usual edits: remove the -nobody- restriction in /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb.

The error in the syslog: sandboxd: System Policy: deny file-write-data

The problem here is that the sandbox restrictions have become much more strict now.

My quick solution: copy locate.updatedb to another location, edit, and run from there.

Problem with Java based apps

Several Java based apps ( minecraft, and Arduino IDE ) fail to run for other users(my kids) than the one who installed them on my laptop.

The problem i found: something needs write access to the launching binary. Why? - i don not yet know.

Solution: copy the app for each user to his home directory's Applications directory.

Problem with kernel extensions

In OSX 10.11 code signing became mandatory. Now i have a problem loading the CH340 driver ( used for cheap arduino clones )

Solution: either:

sudo nvram boot-args="kext-dev-mode=1 rootless=0"
csrutil enable –-without kext

see: tzapu and calumk

Menumeters no longer works

Solution: update by yujitach


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